Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will Monsoon mind if it's used?

Monsoon is 4. We spend time at libraries, consignment shops, used book stores, etc... He doesn't know the difference between the items at those places and the stuff at "new" stores - except some of the stuff is wrapped and you can't play with it right away.

I said I planned on sticking with new items while trying to have A FREE CHRISTMAS, and I have for the most part. But the frugal - and the environmentally friendly - part of me can't help noticing how the exact same toys are more than half price used, and they're certainly just as much fun. I own sanitizer. I don't mind cleaning them. For pete's sake, washing them up will still take less time than prying them out of steel-trap packaging that's all the rage nowadays.

Monsoon won't notice. I don't mind. So why not go used for some of his toys? ...and this concludes the "reduce/reuse" portion of our lecture today...

In fact, I bought him 3 pair of nice jeans, 3 picture books, and 1 floor puzzle (still in the shrink wrap) at the second-hand store for a total of $18.29. I feel good about it!

Budget Stats: $100 (minus) last week's $5.49 (minus) this week's $18.29 = $76.22 remaining.

Besides, even better than presents - new or not - is time spent with Mommy. He loves me, and I'll be playing with him on Christmas morning... no matter what gifts he recieves.

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adrienzgirl said...

Kids love anything that is new to them! :D