Friday, November 13, 2009

Monsoon can have a box

We usually spend waytoo much on Monsoon by way of toys and books and what-not, and I'll admit to getting seriously carried away EVERY season with stuff for him.

Not this year.

The kid has been playing with a box I found in the garage for two weeks now. I can find free boxes at the grocery store. (kidding. partly)

I'm sure we'll be buying him some stuff, but seeing as how most of it goes unnoticed and unused, AND how he gets toys from all our family members, I don't think he'll mind.

He won't be deprived, he just won't have as much to neglect.

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Corinne said...

My brother is making the kids building boxes for Christmas I think. He's a big fan of wine in a box... so he's covering the empties in contact paper and he says they'll be great for building all sorts of things :) Talk about recycling!