Monday, November 16, 2009

Inventory, Week 1

Warning for my family, if you have happened over here - please stop reading NOW. (if you are still reading - shame on you! You might enjoy a nice surprise come Christmas, so LOOK AWAY!)

Here is what I have so far:

My mom - Longaberger Basket with cover and tray. Price: $99. Cost to me: $0 (giveaway)

Family Exchange - Cookbook. Price: aprox $10. Cost: $0 (local event prize)

Family Exchange - Recipe Easel & set of 50 matching Recipe Cards. Price: aprox $10. Cost: $0 (local event prize)

Grandmother - Shutterfly 8x8 soft-cover photobook. Price: aprox $26 w/ tax & ship. Cost: $10.04 (w/ discount & free code*)

MIL & FIL - Collage photo frame w/ pictures of grandchildren. Price: aprox $22. Cost: $0 (bought frame last year for a gift and didn't use it. Photos free from Shutterfly**)

Nephews - (2 brothers) - DVD player & Transformers DVD. Price: aprox $50. Cost: $0 (part of prize pack I won at a local event).

Our budget allows for $120 for the total people above. $120 - $10.04 =

A REAL savings of.... $109.96 (not to mention the $217 worth of stuff that cost us nothing)

*Shutterfly is running a 20% off promotion on all photo books, making the 8x8 soft-cover to 15.99. I also got an additional 10% off code that simply popped up when I logged into my Shutterfly account. I received a coupon code for $10 off any order, bringing the cost down to $4.39 + tax & ship.You can get your own $10 free code by registering at Parenting Magazine (plus, you can then vote for some cute kids in their baby/child model search - or enter your own child for a chance to win free Shutterfly goodies.

**When you sign up for Shutterfly as a new customer, you get 50 free prints.

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adrienzgirl said...

I am in awe of the genius that is you! Look at you go!