Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cash for stuff, Week #2

I had no idea, when we began this project, how much stuff we actually had that we weren't using. The more we let go, the lighter I feel. Also, it's less I have to clean every day... or month. Bah.

Sold: 1 exersaucer. $20

Sold: 1 softball bat. $150

Sold: 1 sofa/loveseat combo. $100

Sold: 1 washer/dryer combo. $160

Won: Borders $50 GC.

End of week Total Gain = $480.00

Cash spent during week #2 = $18.29

Previous week's end result = $288.54

END RESULT for week #2 (480.00 - 18.29 + 288.54) = $750.25 to the positive.

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Call Me Cate said...

You're doing so awesome with this. Does it feel kind of addicting? I would imagine it might. Just stop yourself short of selling the kid, okay? (Though, think of it, between what he'd go for on the black market and then all the savings when you don't have to buy him gifts or feed him anymore!)