Monday, December 7, 2009

Inventory, Week 4

Whew, it's been a while. I haven't even shared the fantastic Black Friday deals I got a week and a half ago. So, I guess this is really my inventory for week 3, but I haven't purchased much since then. Here goes...

**Once again, if you are someone for whom we buy, you might want to come back another day. Or be a Grinch and peek, it's your choice.**

I also have a side note (I know, I know, get on with already, Ashley!). I posted in week 1 that we were giving my young nephews a DVD player, but honestly it's something I was struggling with. My personal opinion about young children and tv is not shared with everyone, but adding to their screen time just didn't sit well with me. Luckily, my in-laws DVD player broke (remember about the "Stuff"?), and they need a new one. Perfect!

Niece (2): Little Mommy "Baby Knows" doll. Original price: $28.88. Black Friday deal: $15

Nephew (1.5): Clipo creativity table/blocks set. Original price: $29.99. BF deal: $14.99. *paid with GC.

Nephew (2): Clipo creativity table/blocks set (same as above). Original $29.99. BF deal: $14.99. *paid with GC.

Nephew (7): Hot Wheels race track set. Original price: $19.99. BF deal: $7.99

Nephew (9): Hot Wheels race track set (dif from above so brothers can tell them apart). Original price: $19.99. BF deal: $7.99

Cousin's son (5): Hungry Hippos game. Original price: $19.99. BF deal: $10.

Cousin's daughter (3): Medical kit. Original price: $12.99 . BF deal: 4.99. *paid with GC

Cousin's son (11): Mysterious Benedict Society book. Original price: $6.99. BF deal: $5.25. *paid with GC

MIL/FIL: DVD player. I already posted the "deal" for this, so I won't count the savings twice.

We have so much money in gift cards to stores like ToysRUs and Borders, we were also able to buy "Santa gifts" - small gifts for the children at my Gran's on Christmas Eve, delivered by Santa himself (my husband). We did this last year and it was so much fun. I didn't think we'd be able to do it this year, but it has worked out very well.

Santa gifts:

girl (3): Paper Bag Princes book. Original price: $6.89. BF deal: $5.21. *paid with GC.

boy (11): Book 2 in the Mysterious Benedict Society series. Original price: $6.99. BF deal: $5.25. *paid with GC.

girl (2): Purple sequined dress scarf. Original price: $14. It was discounted for BF, plus I had a "$10 off any item $10 or more" coupon, bringing my total to $1.21. AND 6-pack of princess panties. Original price: $15. Also discounted for BF, also with another coupon, bringing my cost for these to $0.87. Had to ring them out separately, but it was worth it.

boy (1): The Pigeon Has Feelings Too board book. Original price: $6.99. BF deal: $5.25. *paid with GC.

Our Budget allows for a total of $180 for the people above, not including the Santa gifts, which are not part of our budget.

The total cash cost to us for all the above items was: $40.98. That's a REAL savings of $139.02 for this week (not to mention the BF/discounts - original prices totalling $218.68 minus sale prices totalling $98.99 equalling $119.69 in sale savings).

Adding up weeks 1 & 4 (the only weeks I have done inventory), we have spent a total of $51.02 cash on family members for whome we budgeted $300, bringing the total REAL savings so far this Christmas to a whopping $248.98.

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